About us

adduco (latin)(1)[to bring or lead to] a person, place, or condition; of persons, [to bring to a certain state of mind, to influence, induce]. (2) [to draw to oneself, pull in]; hence [to contract]; partic. adductus -a -um, [contracted, taut]; of persons, [strict]. Compar. adv. adductius.

The definition of the latin word “adduco” describes our business premise. Make or support products and services that intice and attract, influence and impress. Adduco’s main goal is to provide services that satisfy and products that perform. We realize that this is the only way to achieve success in the very rough and tumble internet of today. Quality and its rewards are what we seek, for ourselves and our customers.

The Adduco Digital office is located near the small town of Zweibrücken which is in the southwestern German state of Rheinland-Palatinate. Our Team is however decentrally located throughout Germany. We communicate through the internet which emphasizes why we need to stay on top of the internet and it’s innovations.

If you would like to contact us:

Adduco Digital
Hauptstr. 23
66894 Käshofen
Telephone: +49(0)6337-209380
We don’t yet offer telephone support. Sorry!
Telefax: +49(0)6337-209381
E-Mail: info-at-adduco.com